Compliance Management for Fleets

Don’t get left behind. Ensure fleet and regulatory compliance with Geotab. Compliance is a vital part of your operation. The right tools can help you simplify the process with clear HOS visibility, cross-border solutions and easy vehicle inspections. Learn how Eagle Wireless can ensure your teams meets safety and compliance standards across the board. 


Simplified log management helps increase safety and compliance

Geotab helps you keep accurate logs with reminders for drivers to log in and log out, real-time availability and alerts for hours of service (HOS). • Easily track and bulk-annotate unassigned logs • Notify drivers that are low or out of hours • Log in and log out reminders

Simplify driver vehicle inspections and vehicle diagnostics

Help drivers complete vehicle checks with workflows for pre-trip and post-trip inspections in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Set up rules for real-time alerts when defects are found or inspections are missed
  • Receive notifications for missed inspection and defects
  • Attach pictures and comments to inspection reports
  • Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is complete and a repair is needed
Gain peace of mind with Hours of Service (HOS) visibility

Geotab’s world-class, easy-to-use Hours of Services (HOS) and trip inspection solution for fleet managers and drivers helps fleets achieve a new level of safety. Set up detailed dashboard reports on driver logs, remaining hours and quickly manage unassigned logs. Receive: • Detailed reports on driver logs and remaining hours • HOS status at login • A comprehensive view of availability and recaps

Key Features
  • Cross border compliance
  • Driver ID
  • Team driving
  • Language support
  • Simplified roadside Inspections
  • Offline support for out of cellular coverage use
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Easier log management
  • Driver assistance
What is DVIR?

A Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is a formal report which confirms that a driver has completed an inspection on a commercial motor vehicle. Drivers must complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections and detail any mechanical defects they encounter. These inspections play an important part in improving road safety while ensuring fleet compliance.

Why is DVIR needed?

DVIRs are enforced by authorities in the U.S. with the aim of increasing safety by reducing the number of collisions, injuries and fatalities involving commercial vehicles. An Electronic DVIR helps improve road safety by enforcing vehicle inspections before and after every trip.

Penalties for not completing an inspection

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) Inspectors are responsible for completing roadside inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Noncompliance to DVIR regulations may result in fines given at the discretion of the Department of Transportation (DOT) officer. Vehicles which are deemed unsafe during a roadside inspection will be out of commission effective immediately. This unplanned downtime could create a loss in revenue to the carrier.

Geotab Drive

This driver platform streamlines Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, DVIR, driver identification, messaging and more from one robust application. Managers can stay up-to-date on fleet compliance with real-time access to information in MyGeotab. Streamline work for drivers with the easy to use DVIR app feature.

What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a fuel tax collection and sharing agreement among member jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada for the redistribution of fuel taxes paid by motor carriers. In general, IFTA applies to commercial motor vehicles used for businesses purposes that travel between multiple states and/or provinces.

IFTA License

Carriers must apply for and obtain an IFTA licence for qualified motor vehicles that travel in more than one IFTA member jurisdiction. Qualified motor vehicles are defined by the IFTA Articles Agreement as motor vehicles which are used, designed or maintained for the transportation of persons or property. Two decals must be added onto each qualified motor vehicle once the IFTA licence is obtained. These decals must be annually renewed.

Simplify IFTA fuel tax reporting

Easily import fuel card data into MyGeotab or configure a partner fuel card integration instead of adding up receipts manually. Fuel transactions will be added to the MyGeotab IFTA report.

Increase accuracy with IFTA automation

Reduce the risk of potential issues such as missing paperwork, errors or overpayments. Automated IFTA reporting of mileage with telematics means greater accuracy.

Commercial Truck Navigation by CoPilot

Empower drivers with highly accurate, safe commercial navigation while achieving fleet-wide efficiency and safety.

CoPilot is rooted in the same routing engine and map data as PC*MILER, the industry standard for commercial mileage and routing. CoPilot is not your average navigation.

Its advanced navigation technology with commercial location data not only supports driver safety with safe, truck-legal routes, but also improves fleet efficiency and connects the back office to the cab – particularly in the last mile.

Features And Benefits

Safety First & Always

  • Accurate, truck-legal routing to reduce the risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions
  • Clear 3D and 2D map views plus Driver Safety View to reduce driver distraction in the cab
  • Safely maneuver lane changes with real road signage and lane assist guidance
  • Easy to use, driver friendly user interface featuring visual and audio guidance
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names from origin to destination

The Crucial Component: Compliance

  • Save multiple pre-defined and custom truck routing profiles based on vehicle size/class to ensure compliance to regulations
  • Detour function quickly identifies an alternative truck-legal route
  • Posted speed limit display and audio alerts notify drivers of speeding
  • Truck-legal routing powered by industry standard PC*MILER
  • Profile options for the entire fleet with settings for Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty vehicles

Be a Fleet Efficiency Expert

  • Offline navigation for constant access to reliable routing and maps in and out of coverage areas
  • Build single or multiple destination routes and optimize up to 50 stops
  • Over five million Places including truck-specific POIs for everything a driver needs on the road
  • Intuitive user interface requires minimal driver training and new driver on-boarding
  • Seamless integration with Workflow and Dispatch applications to prevent erroneous and costly address entry and driver stress
  • Streamlined route entry by selecting an address, geocode, or destination directly on the map
  • Practical and shortest routing options available

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