Mobile Form Solutions

doForms is a mobile solutions platform for the rapid development of mobile data collection applications and forms. Easily enhance your Geotab experience with a robust suite of business functionality for job scheduling and dispatch, vehicle inspection. barcode scanning and label printing, timesheets, mobile payment and more.

As a companion product for Geotab customers. It vastly expands the information collected by mobile employees and is integrated into the Geotab portal providing customers with total insight into a mobile employee’s day from start to finish.
It works with the Geotab trip history portal and comes complete with all the software needed to:

-Dispatch and schedule work
-Manage employee time and expenses
-Inspect vehicles
-Document Incidents and pre-existing vehicle damage
-Record vehicle fueling to facilitate IFTA reporting
-Create sales receipts and more.

In addition, it is a highly customizable platform that can easily and affordably help customers automate their entire data collection process.

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